Wednesday, 12 October 2011

: noun. A place of residence and commerce, dense in population, where people come together to express ideas, exhibit inventions and discoveries, engage in learning, and share the cultures and stories of nearby regions and far-away places.

The CityRoom: noun. Where the editors and publishers of a cultural, literary, artistic, and/or journalistic agency meet to prepare information for distribution to the inhabitants of a city.
The City in the 21st century is unlike anything in history. Spatial relationship is now unimportant as information travels at hysterical speeds. Paris, Tokyo, New York, Istanbul, and Seattle are now as close in the imagination as your townhouse is to the marketplace.
CityRoom is flourishing at the forefront of this worldwide cultural evolution/revolution—bringing ideaseventsarticles, and storiesto a large international readership through the most current digital tools for publication and distribution.

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